Monday, March 28, 2011


When I close my eyes, my mind is flooded, invaded
A thousand images, though incomplete, ignite the dialogue of this vivid scene
These are eyes that stare, blank though on fire, an amber that pierces through the center of what has
become mine
Mine, yet never fully belonging to me, they to belong to you
I never blink, these flash forward images are all I seem to have left of what we knew
If I listen carefully, ear against the pavement or the cockleshell, I can hear the 'A' minor  that sang me to sleep
Finger to string, one and then the next
The melodic intimacy that still resonates within me
Alone there is clarity, there is reality
In clarity I move closer to the realization of desiring distraction
Desire, Receive, Desire, Dissolve, Believe
My eyes are dry, still fearing to blink, fearing the end of what only my mind can see
An inhale bated to hope, Exhale bated to a dream
The spinning interrupts clarity, faster and faster, spiraling inward, upward
I want to jump
There is no landing
I want to run
There is no loop
I want to fly
But only if I can fly to you

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