Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fate Exists In Color...

There is a force that emerges as light rushes through
It swiftly slides beneath me, moving with me
It pushes against the timid Souls of my feet
It has no name, no face, no frame
Yet it upholds me with the strength of a thousand arms
Each step is met with subconscious intention
A path of silken feathers, strung out across the velvet sea
I am weightless, restless, I am grounded
Each step inching higher to a place I thought only the gods could see
Footprints vanish as quickly as they appear
No trace of here I’ve been, no path to where I’ll go
There is a song I can hear, the words unknown
It has been forever playing though forever gone unheard
Right, then left, direction to reveal the hidden
Left, then right, a taste of what seemed forbidden
This force elevates, it penetrates
The hands of a giant, wrapped firmly around me
Enveloping the fate I once feared
Still climbing, near jumping, almost floating
But one cannot fall with no hole to sink into
Once vast and hollow, bottomless, deep
The space no ceases to exist
It is a shiny surface, reflecting my dreams across a quickly approaching sky
Suspended above, these eyes stare back at me
I know them, but it is the first time we have met from up here
Do you remember me?
Piercing through this space, gazing past infinite
Will you show me?
Questioning this fate, intent to grasp and elevate
Do you trust me?
Fate exists in color, color only our hearts can see
Is this how it feels to be Free?


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