Thursday, April 21, 2011



From here it feels much further then near
But nearer then it has ever been before
This ocean has a different name
Still it reminds me only of the one we once knew
It reminds me that I thought home was a place I could see
A frame, name, constructed to stand
The wind through a window, to leave through a door
I ran to it when the sun went down
Woke in it when it rose again
These waves play the music to a song that I've sung
Each crest rising higher, singing louder
In this place there was a light, and still a darkness
Existing because my eyes could see it
An image with a name
But in seeing I was not feeling
Emotion of a dream I thought we'd lost
Visibly aware
Internally growing blind
It's haunting the feeling of feeling you here
Forever searching, spinning, lost
Unsure what it was I wanted to find
Certain it was a place
Not yet seen
The more I looked the less I saw
The less I saw the more I felt
The more I felt the answers were there
Home has no place, no name, no frame
Still the light, still darkness
Different to know when the looking has ceased
No longer external, suddenly felt
What my eyes had always wanted to see
I feel now in knowing we are never alone
What I always knew
I have been there, we have been there, I will go there
I am there
I want only to blink and on a wave you'll appear
Only to turn, to see it more clear
But closing my eyes the wave is within
The journey began a long time ago
I am already there
The beauty, the fear, everything, always
In you and in me
I am already Home

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