Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Looking Through Glass...

Paulina Glass is not just a photographer, she is a true artist. Her eye for detail, emotion and the more compelling elements of imagery are a talent beyond what a person can be taught to see. I first stumbled upon her work through Facebook and have been keeping a close eye ever seen. A native of Poland, Paulina has since moved to Australia to further her craft and seek out new opportunities. I have been fortunate enough to be in contact with such a talented women and got a chance to hear a little more of her side of the story...

"I never paid any attention to a photography before, I was just focused on music, painting and movies. When the digital cameras began being so popular in my country (which is Poland) I just found it funny that you could take and delete pictures whenever you wanted!

One day I took my friends small compact camera to try, and I just couldn't give it back! My hands, my brain, imagination all started to cooperate, I felt suddenly a strong and different sense of  freedom, amazed at what I could do with an image! Then I tried some basic programs to edit my first pictures... and that was it, I knew I couldn't live without it anymore. I saved some money to buy my own camera, I started with a Sony DSC H2 but I still wanted more so I switched into a more professional camera from Nikon.

My first pictures were focused most on the meanings, emotions, world problems, people... etc. Then I became fond of shooting lot of nude, body creations... Now I search for colours, beauty, expression...

There is no photography category that I wouldn't enjoy. Everything from weddings to advertising and commercial. I didn't go to any sort of artistic school, at the time I didn't really believe in what I was doing... but now I regret it. At the moment, after traveling through Europe, seeing so many artistic, creative, beautiful and interesting people I moved to Australia and now have the chance to be starting again, back to zero. My plan is study photography and start a small revolution within the Australian photography industry. I think there is a real difference between as Australian photographer's way of taking pictures than a Europeans. I'm finding Europeans are braver and there appears to be more happening... Its hard to explain. But I might be wrong :) Its just how I feel.

I'm 22 now, sometimes I think its too late for me to be a photographer, there are so many that are younger- better ! I started my 1st year of Sociology on University in Lodz, in Poland, after that year I wanted more from life and I left my country to find myself, my style, to learn how to make my dreams come true. Today, I am living those dreams..."


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