Saturday, May 15, 2010

All in an Interview...

Every major fashion blog seems to be commenting on the recent editorial spread shot by Mikael Jannson for Interview Magazine. The scene, which portrays model Daria Werbowy as a minority among a see of African American "party-goers", has been labelled politically incorrect and on the verge of racist. Yes it is true that an image can speak a thousand words, but the question is are we more concerned with the "politics" behind the shoot or the artistic vision that it took to deliver such a controversial story. Looking at the images, before reading any reviews, I thought no more then what a stunning shot full of dynamic, contrast, colour, emotion, intensity and beauty. What if the story were modified to make the white model the rejected race, in a shoot where African Americans were the minority and the centrally appeal within the story. Regardless of how one chooses to look at it, I think the point is that the photography and models are unjustifiable examples of fashion and art...


  1. It seems obvious as to why he would pick black models to frame the main character of his images. As a filmmaker, I understand that he is trying to highlight his subject. The solution: Dark tones against light. Color contrast. She could have been asian, white, black, native american or hispanic the people around could have been asian, white black, native american or hispanic. Not much to get worked up about here. If anything, you can read into it as a powerful and positive sociopolitical statement regarding the maltreatment of African americans by our society.

  2. Agreed, society is so wrapped up in the politics behind it that they miss the artistic intention of an artist mastering his craft

  3. I think they're sexy and gorgeous and not racist. how dumb. great post.