Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Full Package

Founded during the sartorial revolution of the 19th century, the suit has long been known as the 
cliche "power outfit". From it's early upbringing, it was an outfit reserved solely for the successful and working male professional. In Britain particularly, the suit was a standard where well-cut tailoring was like second skin. Double-breasted, oxford bags, frock coats and breeches all paved way for an attire that has shaped many phases of fashion. From then until now, the suit has undergone numerous alterations, silhouettes, re-constructions and most noticeably, a gender shift from male only to male and female interchangeably. Today, women have taken the suit and made it their own. Eclectic, chic, edgy,
 convertible, classic. It is a staple in our wardrobes and a go to for any occasion. 

Photo: via tumblr

Photo: via tumblr

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