Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fiona Ackerman in Abstract Beginnings...

One of the more recent Lab Artist Series artists with the Lululemon Lab in Vancouver showcased the stunningly abstract and multi-leveled creations of Fiona Ackerman. When I saw the piece, the first thought that came to mind was "limitless imagination". Looking a little deeper I found that my mind was not wrong...

"Originally from Montreal, Fiona Ackerman is a painter living and working in Vancouver, BC. Since completing her BFA through Concordia and ECIAD, Fiona has exhibited across Canada and in Europe (Germany & France).While Fiona’s work is diverse in style, it is deeply rooted in the practice of painting.  Whether working on a wild abstract piece or a delicately rendered portrait, her approach is at once playful and meticulous. Through her painting, Fiona is continually reinventing the way she represents her world, her environment and the places of her imagination.

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