Monday, July 11, 2011

Lingerie Please...

As a girl, I like to think that there are certain moments we are entitled to that make us sublimely happy, completely thrill us and gives us that little twinkle for no reason other then sheer joy of being a female. I had one of these very moments last week as I picked up a package marked "Lingerie" in beautiful red ink. Inside, a gift from the Wonderbra world. Thanks to Lingerie Please in the UK, I was now lost within the world of the 'Multi Plunge 100 Ways to Wear Wonderbra'
"Wear it with any dress; strapless, halterneck, one shouldered, the list is endless. 3 sets of straps come with this bra , which can be placed within 40 eyelets which are discretely placed around the cups. There is one normal set  of straps, one halterneck strap with a size adjuster, and one low back converter"... amazing! Anything item, whether is lingerie or not, that I can use 100 ways is a keeper in my eyes! 
Lingerie Please has a fantastic range of products, ranging from bras and briefs, to shapewear and swimwear, and they cater for all sizes, styles and occasions. Check it out, a small sample of the limitless options I am playing with...

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