Thursday, June 23, 2011

Knit takes Form...

"My passion for knitwear started at a very young age... In a way knitwear chose me, as it has always been around me and our house was all decorated in knitted and crocheted cushions, pictures and toys. For me knitwear is comparable to my mother tongue; it's a sort of language embedded in my DNA and I find it easy to express myself through it." 
Laura Theiss, the Lithuanian-born knitwear designer, has been playing, working and designing with knits for as long as she could put needle to yarn. Her pieces are pushing the limits of what is possible within the shapes and volume that can be created with knits. They are not just garments but art pieces, 2 dimensional and projecting outward from the form rather then simply being worn. 

Spring/Summer 2011 Sample

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