Friday, May 27, 2011

Miss Lissy...

I have always found Surrealism one of the most intriguing, imaginative, and magical forms of photography and art. Unfortunately, it all to often also becomes misunderstood by a society that is more apt to try and find reason and understanding in everything they see. If it isn't "real", then it doesn't exist. In my opinion, the element of "surreal" is what allows us to dream. To step outside of the reality based world and into the realms of the unexplainable. In these realms I see art in one of it's truest and most honest expressions. If everything we saw, if everything we created was simple a mirror of the things we already know and see, then where lies the element of art = creation and expression? So much of art is an individual experience, meant to be shared, but originating from a single internal desire to create. In the surreal we see the deepest forms of expression, for they do not yet exist in the "real" world, they are original, unique, they are art...

Canadian artist and photographer Lissy Elle has captured the essence of a surreal dream and turned them into living, moving images.
Photos: Trendland

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