Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Russell Mills...

Russell Mills is a British artist who was born in Ripon, Yorkshire, UK in 1952. He paints, collaborates and creates multimedia installations, designs stage sets and lighting and has produced record covers and book covers for Brian Eno, the Cocteau Twins,Michael Nyman, David Sylvian, Peter Gabriel, and
Nine Inch Nails.
As a recording artist he has collaborated with many musicians. He has released 2 CDs with his recording project Undark. He is Visiting Tutor at the Royal College of Art. Visiting Professor at the Glasgow School of Art and regularly lectures in universities in the UK and abroad.
The general style of the illustrations is a combination of pen and pencil sketching with pastels and watercolor paints used for coloration. Human figures, animals, and room interiors are frequently depicted. Elements of collage exist with the incorporation of materials such as fabrics and metals into the drawn/painted work.
His work brings realism into the realm of fantasy, light onto dark objects, movement into considerable stillness and dynamic into the unanticipated.

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