Thursday, September 23, 2010

Interior Inspiration...

Inspiration is endless. It has no boundaries, no restrictions, it exists in every form, it is moving and yet still, it is everywhere and it is in everything. To become aware of inspiration is to become tuned into your surroundings, to allow them to move through us in whatever form they might take. In art as in life, inspiration is our means by which we evolve into something more, something different. It is the start to creation, to intimacy, to a masterpiece, to ourselves.
Established yet still emerging designer, Mary Katrantzou, has tapped into this fine skill of finding inspiration in the most unassuming yet obvious if ways. For her Spring 2011 collection she looked beyond the model, beyond the make-up, beyond the silhouette and drew inspiration from the most essential of surroundings, the room itself. Inspired by 1970's decor and respected photographers, Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin, her silhouettes hold structure and strength from the lines and forms of architecture  and objects. They have an element or realism yet seem futuristic and fantastical in the way they sit upon each silhouette. If only the walls could speak...


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