Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Did You Sleep...

You awoke when the morning was still grey. You knew nothing of where you were and everything of where you needed to go. The rays blazed through a white washed window, breath on the glass of an un-slept dew. Today smelt more stale then yesterday, more apt to choke on words that failed to rise with the daybreak of a wicked moon. Rising to meet me, your body stiff and un-rested but relentlessly eager. The distance felt further as your body came closer. A kiss. My cheek stung by lips swollen and raw from an incestuous display of perverting conversation, tinted red as the hate discharge from a breath full of distaste.

"Did you Sleep?"

Why you ask is an inquisition more unanswerable then your initial inquiry. If sleep were defined as a bulldozed calamity into an exit-less tunnel that arrives at your destiny, then yes, I slept. The walls laugh in conjunction to the black fly they choose to be. Humoured and anxious, their inapt ability to suffocate a room that fails to find light... Fails to find life.

"Yes, I Slept."

Jes Busch

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