Saturday, April 24, 2010

Canto Negro...

Canto Negro

the spirit shaking everyone
your faces are flowers of darkness
eyes closed
in dancing ecstasy
the spirit shaking everyone
children of the jungle
calling me to sing
forget my nightmares
mangos staining my lips
what is the spirit
that moves us
when we sing
in a thousand backrooms
funky with dopesmells
and pretty men and women
the spirit shaking everyone

we feel so beautiful
a whirlpool of silver eyes
and silver sweat
the spirit moving us
like holiness
in the sway of our bodies
the joy in our voices
humming the dance
the trance
of one night’s voodoo

the moon is almost full
and there’s danger
in the air
your faces are flowers of fire
the toucans are flying
macaws are shrieking
and it’s forever
in the moment we stop
and start again
what is the spirit
that moves us
unspoken magic
weaving dangerous colors

it’s our birthday
and we sing a baptism
for our souls
our godliness

(higher and higher
we dance
out into the street
you ask me
if i
want to die
and i say
not yet
not tonight

it’s too beautiful
and i want to love you.)

by: Jessica Hagedom

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