Monday, January 11, 2010

Jagger Returns...

It was only a few weeks ago that I posted my admiration for Miss Georgia May Jagger and since that time she has continued to rock the fashion world. After having just been voted Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards, Georgia wrapped up 2009 on a fashion high by shooting the Spring 2010 Versace Campaign with photography elitest, Marie Testino. And from the head of the Versace Empire came nothing but admiration for the young stunner, "She's smart, a strong personality, beautiful, full of energy... and with that natural high star quality, I adore her," Donatella Versace enthused. "She's perfect for this collection - a real Versace girl."...


  1. I am downright OBSESSED with Versace's spring line. So now of course, I find myself delving obsessively into the works of Ms. Jagger...if I love the clothes, will I love the model who's clearly perfect for them? Answer: um, TOTALLY. Thanks for shining the spotlight on her. :)

  2. OH and hey, thanks for the sweet comment! I'm delighted to trade links!

  3. I love this campaign, she looks so gorgeous! I hope you can check The Fashion Smoke and follow us too, we're following you now :)