Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fashion Will Speak...

One of the most intriguing components of fashion is its mystifying ability to speak and convey without any sound. In a split second, a properly chosen outfit is able to communicate a whole story without a single word spoken. Any emotion, any narration is possible. From a desolate sadness to theatrical exhilaration, fashion has no boundaries to the feelings it can generate. In keeping with the theme of theatrical, I was pleasantly surprised and amused when I fell upon the slideshow of a performer, whom I rarely acknowledged as a fashion icon, but couldn’t help but keep a smile from my face. Sometimes the emotional overload of fashion deserves a well sought after breather. Pop Princess, Katy Perry, has conscientiously made it her duty to re-invent herself in ever performance and appearance she makes. Her costumes are whimsical, imaginative, nonconforming and most importantly engaging. From Christmas Trees to Elvis and Birthday Cakes to Baby Dolls, she is living in a world of unusual characters but skilfully allowing her audience to do so as well!

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